Download SQL2XML SQL2XML v2.1 with GZIP compression and CACHE.
Connection to database through XML-export/import.
request an individual code (password) for access tariff
If you want use database directly and write your own interface and logic, you can use SQL2XML-technology to database accessing.

Save file (SQL2XML v2.1) to directory on your site. This example can be used for writing own interfaces.

Terms of connection
Note, if you use SQL2XML, you also can to use regular interface like http://jpcenter.ru and other possibilities:
The month of production with extended data.
Calculator calc.your_site.com can be opened in a small pop-up window or in the iframe inside the lot. The parameters of the car are filled automatically.
Catalog Catalog catalog.your_site.com may open on expanded page of your design.
Request other posibilities of integration

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1. AUCTIONS: Fields of table main =>

2. STATISTICS: Fields of table stats =>

3. BIKE: Fields of table moto =>
kuzov,color,mileage,rate,rate_end,rate_front,rate_outside,rate_engine,rate_elect,rate_kuzov, inspect,start,finish,status,

4. HEAVY DUTY MACHINES: Fields of table spec =>

Fields marked with green color are returned only if id define exactly in SQL request query and in other cases are blocked.

1. Manufacturers of auto sorted by id
2. Toyota models sorted by name
3. 50 rows of Toyota Corolla, rate from 3 to 6, over 1990, sort by year, starting with 5th row
Preview images:
You can display about 50 small preview images on lots listing page (search results).
This possibility is activated by request, cost service 18$ per month. As a result, your personal SQL2XML password will be return more information.
1. &h=50 image height 50px
2. &w=320 image width 320px
3. not specified - the original photo
4. Three photos from the auction, field images returned if id define exactly in SQL request query
    Number id='' received from query select * from main
5. Three photos from the statistics, field images returned if id define exactly in SQL request query
    Number id='' received from query select * from stats
Examples of other requests
List of models:
select distinct marka_id,model_name from main order by marka_id,model_name
select marka_id,model_name from main group by model_id

The number of unique models in the bidding:
select COUNT(distinct model_id) from main

The number of lots TOYOTA in the statistics:
select COUNT(*) from stats WHERE marka_name='toyota' group by marka_id

The number of lots TOYOTA in the statistics, grouped by models:
select model_id,model_name,COUNT(model_id) from stats where marka_name='toyota' group by model_id order by model_name

The average sale price TOYOTA, grouped by models:
select AVG(finish), model_name from stats WHERE marka_name='toyota' and status='sold' group by model_id

Auction dates:
SELECT auction, auction_date FROM main GROUP BY auction, DATE_FORMAT(auction_date,'%Y-%m-%d')

Sampling of lots for next Thursday:
select * from main WHERE auction_date LIKE '2006-12-04%'
select * from main WHERE DATE(auct_date) = Date('2006-12-04')

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