AJ auction
Japanese auto auctions. 120 auctions in the system. More than 80000 cars daily. Advanced search with 12 parameters.


AJ statistics
Sale statistics of cars for 3 months or more. Summary information.


AJ month recognizer (with the month of Honda production and XML-integration)
Defining the month of car production by a body number.
Data match exactly as EPC japanese program.
XML-integration - this program code with an individual password accessing, to embed the month of production anywhere in the site. Activate by request.
Exclusive extended data with 200 millions of japanese cars Toyota, Nissan, MMC, Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu, Mazda, Honda:

YEAR - year
MONTH - the month of production
MODELCODE - model code
COLORCODE - color of the body
TRIMCODE - color of the salon
JAPANVDS - identification number (VDS)
CATALOGNO - catalogue number
ENGINENO - engine
ENGINECODE - engine's options
BODYCODE - body type
GRADECODE - modification
GRADEDESC - description of update
TRANSCODE - transmission
MODELNAME - model name
COMPATIBLEFRAME - compatible body
FRAMEYEAR - year of the numbering plan
FRAMEMONTH - the month of production on the numbering plan
CODE - advanced
TRANSTYPE - description of transmission
DOORSTYLE - doorstyle
FRAMECODE - description of the body
SPEC - spec. equipment


AJ calculator
Auto-calculator of the car price in the city of delivery:
1. Customs duty calculation on the physical and jural entity.
2. Direct calculation - price of the car for a given bid, taking into account all costs.
3. Reverse calculation - a maximum bid for fixed-value budget.
4. Calculation parameters filling automatically for SQL2XML-connection using:

Example: (for calculation you need to choose the model, for example Toyota Corolla Ceres)

AJ catalogue (full version)
Catalogue of japanese, european, american and asian cars.
1. 66 manufacturers, 987 models , 118 characteristics for each modification, including in what color cars was produced.
2. Four pictures of each modification.
3. Advanced model comparing.
4. Search by type of body group.


AJ yahoo
Yahoo auctions with translations into english and russian languages.


AJ sql2xml
Using a database to write their own interfaces.
Change sql-request in the URL and receive XML-data from the database.

AJ organizer
Auto stock managing. Change the list of automobiles on your site.
1. Unlimited number of ads with sorting by any column.
2. Unlimited number of photos, you can change the order.
Automatic resizing images for preview after downloading.
3. Archive sales of cars.
4. You can change the status of auto: 'in way', 'customs clearance', etc.
5. You can make links to parameters:
'Cars from auto-dealer in the Krasnoyarsk city, sorting by auto year'
'All auto in the Chita city, sorting by descending price'
6. XML-export ads on auto-sites.
7. Adding manufacturers and models through the web-interface.
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AJ auction - auction
AJ statistics - statistics
AJ month recognizer - month of production
AJ calculator - calculator
AJ catalogue (full version) - auto-catalogue
AJ yahoo - yahoo auctions
AJ sql2xml - database using
AJ organizer - auto stock managing
AJ month recognizer (offline)
AJ dvd

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