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japanese & american car AUCTIONS, japanese ONEPRICES,, BIKES & MACHINERY from Japan, TRUE REPORT & REPORT+ for 7 years
API SQL2XML or DUMP&140 japanese Auctions&Statistics 3 months&True Report 7 years& Sold Prices real-time& FOB,TAX calculators&Cars catalogue&30 min updates
Dealer panel BIDS mangining, groups for BIDS, export TO EXCEL, HISTORY statistics sales, MASS mail, SUBSCRIPTION to cars, own STOCK, saved SEARCH, real-time USER activity, any CURRENCY, 12 LANGUAGES, user CONTROL, CHAT
SQL2XML v2.9 Database access via XML-export/import Successfully tested
on 2 USD monthly hosting
Send SQL, get XML or JSON
Get PASS here & free 1 month for develop
Images have 3 sizes:
1. add &h=50 in end of URL
2. add &w=320 in end of URL
3. original photo
STATISTICS COUNTERS download each 24 hours & cache it
1) how get all IMAGES (and SERIAL, INFO)
select * from stats where id='ZmsWmOlaUXlc3R' // ID is important !

2) select * from main where model_name LIKE '%accord%' does not work?
Use select * from main where model_name LIKE '%25accord%25'

3) How to choose hieroglyphs?
incorrectly: select * from main where color='シテイ'
right: select * from main where color='%26%2365404;%26%2365411;%26%2365394;'
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