User management, send bids to email Price
Own tariff
Cars from Korea   NEW
Lots viewing and ordering
68 $
Ebay   NEW
Million goods from all world
68 $
GOO-NET Oneprice   NEW
300 thousand cars with fixed price
40 $
American auctions   NEW
2 auctions in the system
200 $
YAHOO auction
Translated into english and russian
90 $
Heavy duty machines auction
Lots viewing and ordering
227 $
ISUZU UMAX auction of trucks
Activate by request
22 $
Bike auction BDS and IMOTO   NEW
Lots viewing and ordering
122 $
Sale statistics of bikes   NEW
daily, more 3 months
45 $
Japanese auto auctions
120 auctions in the system
Sale statistics of cars
daily, more 3 months
Advanced Search, summary information  
Editable design (top and bottom of the site)  
Sending bids for administrator email
Statistics of visits by users  
Mailing to users  
Setting up costs and transportation
Calculation based on budget
Determination of the maximum bid
Sending bids
on email administrator of the system
Comparing models, the transition into lots
Month of production for japanese cars
Unique extended data, XML-integration
Database using
Write their own interfaces and user accounts through SQL2XML
CRM of dealer. Electronic offices
Bids managing. Manager account  free
Cart of orders
Orders are not sent for email at once, but stored in the system also
User accounts
User's area. State of bids, balance of the user, the status of purchased automobiles
The month of Honda production
Activate by request
from 159 $

from 214 $

from 214 $

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07.12.16 | TRUE REPORT :: API v1.1
TRUE REPORT API v1.1 with Admin Panel
23.11.16 | TRUE REPORT :: API
01.09.16 | AJ SQL2XML NEW
Second server with twice speed added.
10.08.16 | FINISH PRICE
30.06.16 | AJ office
Electronic office update.
20.01.16 | TRUE REPORT
15.01.16 | AJ oneprice
New Oneprices added.
10.01.15 | AJ machinery
27.02.13 | AJ bike
USA bike auctions (NPA). Added by request.
14.10.12 | AJ calculator
Calculator updated.
20.02.12 | AJ calcos
CIF/FOB-calculator from Excel in 5 minutes
YOUTUBE LESSON (Download source files)
12.01.12 | AJ catalogue
Added new models. Total number 66000 cars in catalogue.
19.12.11 | AJ calcos
Make own CIF/FOB calculator in your Control Panel. Complex formulas and sheets supported.
20.11.11 | XML
XML for Oneprice stock added. Sample
16.07.11 | AJ yahoo
Yahoo update
01.06.11 | AJ auction
New interface v2.1 NEO
30.04.11 | AJ catalogue
HYUNDAI catalogue
23.04.11 | AJ calcos
CALCOS XML ready. Formulas engine. For Web-calculators creation from Excel files
14.02.11 | XML
Average prices allowed in XML data exchange.
09.02.11 | AJ month
Month of production updated.
20.12.10 | AJ auction
Core upgrade. Statistic sales works more fast.
12.12.10 | AJ auction
Core upgrade. Fastest updates. We sure, no really to make more fast.
10.12.10 | AJ auction
Chinese and Arabic languages added.
24.09.10 | AJ auction
American auction Manheim.
20.09.10 | AJ auction
Korean cars, Encar.
22.12.09 | AJ bike
Bike calculator, russian custom fees can be included.
18.12.09 | AJ ebay
Ebay, million goods from all world.
15.12.09 | AJ auction
Full GOO-NET 300 thousand cars.
11.11.09 | AJ bike
BDS and IMOTO bike auctions & statistics added.
01.04.09 | AJ bike
Direct database access for motorcycle sample
14.03.09 | AJ control panel
CRM of dealer. Electronic offices for your customers. Bids managing. Free.
08.03.09 | AJ auction
We accept VISA / MASTERCARD payments.

The system looks like this

The system AJ includes japanese auto auctions and the prices of cars in real time. More than 80000 cars daily. AJ has additional services, among them:

Defining the month of production and additional parameters by the number of body. Month for Honda

Calculating the ultimate cost of the vehicle in the city of delivery. Updating and adjusting for exchange rates. Reverse calculation

Catalogue cars. 66 manufacturers, 987 models , 118 characteristics for each modification

Lots of with a good translation into english and russian

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The panel of services auction
Catalogue data The month of production
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